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Surviving the Collapse

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Natural News by: Zoe Sky

When SHTF, it's a good thing to have a supply of ready-to-eat meals and snacks to save time on food prep. However, you also need access to ingredients that can be used to make fresh food to ensure that your body gets all the nutrition it needs. Thi

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Dave Hodges Common Sense Show

In one of the best interviews on The Common Sense Show, Steve Quayle and host, Dave Hodges, discuss the fall of America and how people need to move toward activism. The nation may fall, but individual salvation and survival is still very much possibl

Article Image News Link • Global, by Daisy Luther

In conspiratorial circles, it's long been rumored that Walmarts across the country would become FEMA camps after an epic disaster. Some folks even suggested that once you were in the camp, you would not be able to leave. Sort of like those old roac

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Dan Dicks - Press For Truth

Make no mistake, when the dollar crashes and it will, gold is going to see record highs like we've never seen before! Some of the most wealthy people in the world are currently buying up as much gold, silver and other precious metals as they can as

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