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Venezuela: The Final Stage of the Collapse is Here


The end is near. The collapse is in its final stage. Middle class and lower ones are totally vulnerable. There are economists suggesting to bug out the country until this has passed.

This is something that is going to be extremely hard to achieve, though. We could live in time because of some savings that were favorable because of the exchange rate, but once we crossed the borders, the economy of the real world started to affect.

The situation in Venezuela has become dire.

The reports I have been receiving are…impacting. No matter the city, or the country, the atmosphere is concerning, according to the people I talk to. There have been fist fights at the gas pumps, the uniformed personnel is charging 10 dollars for a gas tank in some places, and I don't mean the workers. If you want to avoid the line, that can be arranged. You only need money. All of these are things that are happening. They are facts because people I have known by years tell me and send me live proof of this. The footage, pictures, everything. This is reliable information we all can trust in. And one of the most remarkable traits one of them, a music fan, has been very insistent because he's deeply shocked, is the silence. It's comparable to a huge, thick, invisible blanket, covering everything and anyone. A few cars passing by. A few people walking. No public transportation. No buses. Few trucks. No electricity, so no music. A few businesses open, despite not having electricity. Some of them with a power genset outside, with cabling running to the machines. These are the only loud noises that can be heard from time to time.

The gasoline supply will soon be cut off entirely.

And very soon, not even this noise is going to be there. The gasoline supply is very close to being suspended to anyone without an official badge. The reason is simple: there is no personnel in the industry to continue the extremely complex oil chain supply to extract oil, process it to get the derivatives, and transport them to our customers.