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Leonel Moreno, the Venezuelan TikTok troll making a mockery of the US and being slammed...


A Venezuelan TikToker who has gone viral for videos where he tells his followers how to exploit the US as a migrant has been deemed a troll by his fellow countrymen.

Leonel Moreno, who goes by @leitooficial_25, has amassed half a million followers on TikTok with inflammatory videos where he takes the persona of a stereotypical freeloading immigrant, telling his followers how to exploit America's social safety net.

In one of his now-viral videos,  the Ohio resident instructed his followers how to 'invade' American homes and invoke squatter's rights, claiming that under US law, 'if a house is not inhabited, we can seize it.'

Moreno also made headlines in February, after he demanded Venezuelans unite to help a 15-year-old migrant accused of shooting a tourist and trying to kill a NYPD officer in Times Square.

The videos have been widely shared as Venezuelan migrants fleeing their country's collapse become one of the largest nationalities arriving at the US-Mexico border. 

Venezuelans have taken to social media to denounce him as a troll, accusing him of using their situation to become an influencer while sparking hatred against migrants who plan on working for a better life in the US.

'He's gone absolutely viral for all the wrong reasons and is a complete an utter embarrassment and disgrace to my home country,' wrote Daniel Laplana on X.

'I have nothing but contempt for the guy and his insufferable caricature of a Venezuelan migrant,' said Venezuelan-American Rafael Estruve, president of Houston Young Republicans.