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Refugees from Economic Collapse Are Deeply in Debt

• Organic Prepper - J G Martinez

Finances. This is the real scourge of our time. Make poor financial decisions, and they will haunt you for a long time.

By now, most of us preppers understand that financial literacy is a valuable asset for anybody. Concepts like profits, investment capital, passives, and all the terminology involved should already be a second language for us even before graduating from college. It should be a necessity for high schoolers, too, I think.

Resource optimization is important for all of us.

Getting the most value of what little we may have is the way to go. Waste nothing, as you may not know when scarcity will present in your life.

Why did I decide to write about this?

I learned that the lack of financial education is one of the main problems faced by Venezuelans immigrating to the United States and Europe. This situation leads them to make poor financial decisions that lead to deep, serious debt issues.