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Space Travel and Exploration

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Rocket Lab

Auckland, New Zealand. 17 October 2019 - Rocket Lab, the global leader in dedicated small satellite launch, has successfully launched its ninth Electron mission, deploying a single spacecraft to orbit for satellite manufacturer Astro Digital.

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NASA has provided initial funding and authorization to Boeing to begin work toward the production of the third core stage and to order targeted long-lead materials and cost-efficient bulk purchases to support future builds of core stages.

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SpaceX will leave most Starships on Mars or the Moon, when they are flown for long-range missions. SpaceX Starships will probably cost about $20-40 million and they can be parked in orbit, the moon and Mars for the cheapest space stations and bases a

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David Burns, Manager, Science and Technology Office Marshall Space Flight Center, NASA has proposed a Helical Engine. It is a propellantless engine design similar to the Mach Effect propulsion system by Woodward.

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