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How Canada's Economy Became The Most Pathetic In The World: The Collapse Of A Nation

• Jack Chapple -

This is a graph showing a massive sign of the dire state of canada's pathetic economy. And its actually not to do with any hot button issues like canada's insane housing prices, the affordability crisis, or Toronto maple leafs fans hopes and dreams crushed once again.

You see, this is the net amount of investment between canada and the usa every year in the amount of billions of dollars. From 2001 up until 2014, Canada took in tens of billions of more foreign investment from the united states than vice versa. Meaning that businesses large and small, from walmart, to your local carpenter, were much more likely to move to canada and grow the economy, than it is was for a business to leave canada for the united states.

However, this changed in 2015, and it coincidentally or not, lined up with the current liberal government getting into power. And quickly, over the course of the next decade, Canadian businesses, investors, entrepreneurs, and professionals started taking their money out of canada, and moving it to the united states. And buckle up, because this number is so shocking, that it inspired me to make this video on it.