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How to be Mentally Resilient During Hard Times


At some point or another, hard times will hit nearly everyone. Whether it's a natural disaster, divorce, interruption of income, illness, war, the loss of a loved one, or some other traumatic event, no one gets through this life unscathed. But being mentally resilient that will propel you through the hard times.

How will you get through such a crisis? Life is not for the faint of heart and it's not easy to thrive when bad things happen.

Everyone handles these things differently and some if that is out of your control – it's genetic. Will you become depressed, bitter, angry? These feelings can hit you so hard you are barely able to function.  Or will you grit your teeth and push through to the other side? Either way, if you make it through, you've survived. You've won.

But to find moments of joy in the darkest of times, you need to tap into your mental resilience. This helps not only you but those around you. And to bounce back after these events and live your life again, mental resilience is, again, the key.

For some people, it comes naturally. Maybe they've been through things that are way worse in the past. Perhaps they are just wired that way. Some folks have something or someone that helps them be stronger, either for them or because of them. For others, it's their faith.

Building mental resilience is something you should work on well before hard times strike. The way you deal with the ups and downs of life while it's good can carry you through the darkness. Below are some ways to increase your mental resilience.

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