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"Dr Kirk Elliott Warns: Financial Leaders Fleeing"

• Naomi Wolf Substack

"Dr Kirk Elliott Warns: Financial Leaders Fleeing" by Dr Naomi Wolf

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Dr Kirk Elliott, an economist specializing in precious metals, updates us with a picture of a US economy that cannot be sustained. The chief officers of HSBC and Chase, as well as of the FDIC which ensures bank deposits, are all stepping aside abruptly. Meanwhile, BRICS nations, representing 70 percent of the world and now including 6 oil-producing nations, have united in opposition to the US and its 'petrodollar.' A high-level Russian finance minister warns that US debt levels are unsustainable. And the degradation of our financial system, including a relentless push for Central Bank Digital Currencies, is now certain. What can be a safe harbor in a gathering storm such as this? Must-watch.