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Surviving the Coming Economic Crash Without Going to Prison


I was the beneficiary of having two amazing parents whose diverse experiences provided me with a very unique world view. The lessons I learned as a child and young adult have helped prepare me for what is unfolding in America.

My dad's family were immigrants. They escaped the early days of the growing conflict between the Nazis and the communists. I learned a lot about how tyranny, the police state and genocide unfolds from my grandmother, great-grandmother and great aunt. But that is not what this article is about. It is about my mom's side of the family and what they went through that has applicability to today's America. That side of my family has lineage that we can trace to 1745. Our earliest relative, John Cusey, fought with George Washington in the Revolution. The family was very successful in business, banking, real estate and politics. We are related to the Ford (car) family. However, everything changed in 1929 when the Stock Market crashed. The family did NOT properly heed the warning signs of what was coming. In the following days, my matriarchal millionaire family's wealth was wiped out. Stocks and real estate crashed, along and the banks failed.

My mother, a very young child in 1929 and she should have been raised in a life of luxury. However, she was raised in near-poverty. Her conservative values, emphasis on being debt free and NEVER, NEVER trusting the banks or the government became a hallmark of the lessons that she would impart upon my sister and myself. I can remember being in middle school and hearing my teachers teacher tell the students the Depression was a terrible accident. An accident my rear end. It was planned by the elite to seize control of the economy, remove America from the gold standard and they did it to wipe out much of the economic competition. I knew very early on in my life that the Depression was planned and my teachers thought I was crazy when I would disagree with them with regard to their "accidental, non-conspiratorial view of economic history.

In short, my family was targeted for economic destruction, among many others for economic obliteration and it worked. And this is where my family history has applicability to you and your family. You, as an American (who actually works) is being targeted by the same scumbag type of bankers for economic obliteration, again. However, this time, the economic train wreck that is coming has the goal of destabilizing the entire country. Why? The goal of the satanist bankers is the unholy consolidation of political power and money on this planet. In order to accomplish this goal, America must be destroyed politically, economically, culturally, politically and spiritually. This article is about motivating you to prepare for an economic crash in which the people will receive no political support from a totally compromised government is a requirement. Remember, governments do not serve the people, ever! Politicians serve the people that get them elected and keep them in power. Politicians only pay you lip service so they can trick you into voting for them in the next election. In short, you do not matter, only your material possessions matter to these people and in today's world, what you own, has been targeted for confiscation. The sooner you realize that we are repeating history, the sooner you can prepare and preserve what little you can of what you have earned in life. Remember, the one thing that is more important than the money you make, is the money you keep and separation of you from your money is already underway. 

News Flash: The Government and the Banks Are Not Your Friends   

Did you know that since 2012, that when you deposit your money in the bank, the bank owns your money and technically does not have to give it back. Of course, this is not going to be announced standard operating procedure or nobody would deposit their money in the bank. The truth of the matter is that, upon the crash of the economy, the banks will one day legally confiscate your funds because in reality, what is supposed to be "yours" is actually "theirs").