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https://www.paulcraigroberts.orgPaul Craig Roberts

Dear Readers, Washington and its NATO puppets are making a mistake by thinking that the Kremlin is bluffing about Russia's security concern and calling the Kremlin's bluff.

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https://www.paulcraigroberts.orgPaul Craig Roberts

The opening remarks of Undersecretary of State Victoria Nuland prior to her friendly "press conference" with well-tamed US "journalists" reveals the unreality of the world in which Washington exists.


Liberty has dwindled for most Americans over past 20 years because federal government has encroached on freedoms previously decided by individual states

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In the year 435 AD, after several years of endless menacing from the nomadic Hun tribe, the Roman Empire was ready to make a deal.

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Glenn Greenwald Offers his Perspective on the Democrats' "Trump Insurrection" Histrionics. Greenwald is on the money, but the situation for American is even more serious than he thinks.

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Having peaked in July, home prices in America's 20 largest cities continue to decelerate in October (the latest data available from S&P Case-Shiller), rising 'only' 18.41% YoY (vs 18.5% expected), slowing from the +19.09% YoY in September.

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