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Putin fears Kremlin insider extradited from Switzerland to US may have DEFECTED:


A wealthy Russian businessman indicted in Boston late last year on hacking and insider trading charges could have access to documents and information about the 2016 election hacking in the U.S. 

Vladislav Klyushin was extradited to the U.S. from Switzerland late last month and charged with overseeing a multinational scam that pried privileged documents that companies were filing with U.S. regulators before they were public, then trading on the information.

Among his employees, and also named in the indictment, is Ivan Yermakov – who was among a dozen Russian military intelligence officers former special counsel Robert Mueller indicted in 2018 on charges related to 2016 election hacking. 

Sources close to the Kremlin and Russia's intelligence sources believe Klyushin has access to documents related to the 2016 hack of the Democratic National Committee and Hillary Clinton allies, Bloomberg News reported. 

According to the report, the documents establish that a team from Russia's GRU military intelligence unit led the hack, providing the first detailed evidence of the alleged hacking effort. 

The U.S. is pursuing the case but has not been able to try any of the alleged hackers, who remain outside the U.S. Indictments of people identified as members of the 'Fancy Bear' hacking team charge them with computer hacking, wire fraud, and identity theft.

According to the Bloomberg report, Klyushin was approached by U.S. and British spy agencies in the years before he left Russia by private jet for a ski trip with his family in Switzerland. People characterized the extradition as a 'serious intelligence blow' to the Kremlin. 

If he has documents central to the election hack, Klyushin could try to leverage the information about the election hack in exchange for leniency in the financial crimes he is charged with carrying out.