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The US government today likes to pretend that it is the perennial champion of political independence for countries that were once behind the Iron Curtain. What is often forgotten, however, is that in the days following the fall of the Berlin Wall, Wa

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Are we just going to give up on the greatest country in the history of the world? Or are we going to fight for freedom and a thriving future? For Dave Rubin, the author of Don't Burn This Country, the answer is obvious. And, even better, he has a b

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America and Western Europe seem obsessed with the fear of Russia. Never mind that the combined military might of the U.S. and NATO literally dwarfs that of Russia, the West behaves as if Russia is about to conquer the world.

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The greatest fear I have is that Zelensky will be desperate to create a fake attack on his own people like everyone else has done to push their agenda.

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"How did you go bankrupt?" Two ways. Gradually, then suddenly." ? Ernest Hemingway, The Sun Also Rises

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