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Poor Fetty Wap, whose real name is Willie Junior Maxwell II. He's the famous rapper who just pleaded guilty to a federal drug charge carrying a minimum 5-year jail sentence. Sentencing guidelines indicate that he could actually receive a 9-year sen

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Ron Paul Liberty Report

According to a new NBC News survey, the vast majority of Americans are deeply dissatisfied with the direction of the country, holding the belief that America's best days are behind her. Why the massive negativity? Will politics solve it? Also today,

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It's difficult to know exactly when it happened, but not long ago many Americans suddenly looked around and discovered that they inhabited completely different moral universes from their neighbors.

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US -- In stark contrast to earlier hegemons on the world stage, the empire of lies and mass deception operates globally with super-weapons able to destroy planet earth and all its life forms.

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When 30 FBI agents showed up at Mar-a-Lago to cart off boxes of documents, it was an authorized, legitimate and justified procedure to retrieve national security secrets being illegally kept there.

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by lt. col. william j. astore (ret.)

Back on June 1st, I noted that Ukraine couldn't possibly absorb more than $54 billion in US aid, most of it related to weaponry and munitions, given the country's lack of infrastructure as well as the chaos inherent to a shooting war.