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Brave New Dystopian World Unfolding in Plain Sight

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Brave New Dystopian World Unfolding in Plain Sight

by Stephen Lendman

Throughout the US/West and elsewhere, it's a world of kill shots with depopulation and destruction of little remains of free and open societies in mind.

It's also a world of inflation that's likely heading for unparalleled levels in the modern era.

According to one analyst, get ready for already sky-high food prices to double or triple from their current level year year.

A combination droughts in the US/West and elsewhere, less crops being grown, food warehouses set ablaze, along with obstructing Russian exports of agricultural products and fertilizer by sanctions war may make a bad situation much worse ahead.

Make no mistake. Global food crisis conditions were made-in-the-USA, its diabolical dark forces responsible for what's going on.

According to the World Food Program months earlier:

"The world is facing a global hunger crisis of unprecedented proportions in 2022, and we are at a critical crossroads."

"Either we rise to the challenge of meeting immediate needs at scale, while at the same time supporting programs that build long-term resilience, or the world will face even bigger problems down the line."

"(U)p to 811 million people go to bed hungry every night."

"The number of those facing acute food insecurity has more than doubled."

"A total of 50 million people are facing emergency levels of hunger in 45 countries."

"In just two years, the number of severely food insecure people has increased by more than 200 million from 135 million (in 53 countries) to 345 million in 82 countries."

At the same time in the US/West, low and middle-income households are increasingly hard-pressed to afford the sharply rising cost of residential rent.

Are things heading toward where growing millions of ordinary people throughout the West will have to choose among what essentials of life they can afford and what they'll have to do without?

Days earlier, analyst Chris MacIntosh asked:

"Is the Food Crisis Over or Just Getting Started?"

Bet on the latter over the former.

MacIntosh quoted UN remarks on what it shocking called: "The Benefits of World Hunger (sic)" saying:

"We sometimes talk about hunger in the world as if it were a scourge that all of us want to see abolished, viewing it as comparable with the plague or aids."

"But that naive view prevents us from coming to grips with what causes and sustains hunger."

"Hunger has great positive value to many people (sic)."

It's "fundamental to the working of the world's economy (sic)."

"Hungry people are the most productive people (sic)."

Political science professor, George Kent, wrote the above rubbish.

If hunger has economic benefits, as he dubiously claimed, perhaps he believes that mass-starvation and famines would produce unparalleled prosperity.

His contempt for reality and indifference toward human suffering was removed from the UN website after it went viral, MacIntosh saying:

People reading what he wrote were  "horrified at (its) truly unbelievable evil."

What matters most to virtually all ordinary people is the ability to pay rent or service mortgages, feed their families, afford fuel and electricity, along with affording healthcare and other essentials to life and well-being.

In Britain under one extremist Tory regime after another, Dr. Vernon Coleman explained the following:

"There are now 6.6 million people waiting for essential NHS (National Health Service) treatment."

"That figure is growing and is expected to hit 13-14 million within a year."

"The waiting lists were deliberately engineered."

"Despite the abject failure of the NHS, staff are being offered `hardship grants' denied to other citizens."

"The number of people described as 'long-term sick' is growing rapidly."

"The cost of looking after this huge army of chronically sick individuals runs into billions ever year."

"Mass chronic illness is a global problem and is exacerbated by the absurd reliance on" all things flu/covid related, kill shots most of all.

Coleman also stressed the following:

Most jabbed individuals "are brain damaged and will fall ill in the next year or two."

"Those who regularly wore masks will have also suffered brain damage and damage to their immune systems."

If what's going on isn't challenged and halted — including "deliberate sabotage" of global economic conditions — children, adolescents and youths "will be living in a broken and probably un-mendable world of fear, poverty and abject slavery" when great reset tyranny transforms most nations into ruler/serf societies.. 

"If you think I'm exaggerating…you haven't been paying attention."

In early September, Brits will have a new prime minister, chosen by majority Tory lawmakers, not the public.

Earlier I called choosing between former chancellor of the exchequer, Sunak, and imitation foreign minister, Truss, the equivalent of a choice between death by hanging or firing squad.

Separately last week, Health Impact (HIN) reported the following:

"You are 25X more likely to be injured and 20X more likely to die if" got jabbed for flu/covid.

Separately, HIN explained that according to the "UK Medicine Regulator, (kill shots) are 7,402% deadlier than all…vaccines combined."

And this from HIN:

Since mass-jabbing began in December 2020, there's been a "10,000% increase in" diagnosed cancers.

Looking ahead to next year or sooner, a combination of increasingly unaffordable essentials to life and well-being — along with growing tyranny throughout the US/West, and threat of possible war with Russia and/or China — made what's going on the most perilous time in world history.

And bad as things are now, they're highly likely to worsen ahead without mass resistance that's nowhere in sight.