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USA has 3rd highest murder rate in the world, unless you subtract the five biggest Democrat-run-

• by S.D. Wells

Democrat politicians celebrate crime, abortion, racial divides and riots in metropolitan cities across the country. Why? Ever notice there's a liquor store, pornography shop and pawn shop at almost every busy intersection in the biggest cities? There is good reason for all that, as it drives hate, self-indulgence, immediate gratification, violence, immorality, theft, pedophilia, trans-everything and drug use.

Just take a ride through the busiest cities in America and you will see the littered streets of chaos, especially in the Democrat-run cities of Chicago, Detroit, Washington DC, St. Louis and New Orleans. Simply remove these 5 cities from the murder statistics of the USA and we're barely even on the map anymore, and the Democrats want gun control? Come again?

Democrat-led violence and mayhem censored from entire internet and mass media