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After maneuvering Russia into choosing either (1) to permit the U.S. to install its missiles, bases, troops, tanks, and weaponry along Russia's border in Ukraine or (2) to invade Ukraine to prevent that from happening, President Biden, the Pentagon

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The US continues to insist that a Russian invasion of Ukraine could come "at any moment," while the Russians insist they have no interest in an invasion. Is Russia about to call Biden's bluff?

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An op-ed in the Washington Post this week shows how obtuse some people can be when it comes to Iran. The article was written by a man named Barry Rosen, who is a former U.S. diplomat who was taken hostage in Iran during the Iranian revolution in 1979

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US -- Operating in cahoots with the FBI, CIA, NSA and other domestic terrorist organizations, the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) issued an Orwellian "Summary of Terrorism Threats to the Homeland (sic)" that don't exist,