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The Scourge of Dem-Run USA

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The Scourge of Dem-Run USA

by Stephen Lendman

Both wings of the US war party pose an unparalleled threat to everyone everywhere -- undemocratic Dems most of all.

Count the ways.

Dems usurped control of the White House and Congress by indisputable brazen election rigging.

And humanity is paying the price at home and worldwide.

At home, throughout the West and elsewhere, US dark forces and co-conspirators target what little remains of greatly eroded freedoms for elimination altogether -- tyrannical Great Reset ruler/serf societies planned to replace the existing order, worldwide the ultimate goal.

Far and away more than its predecessor, the Biden regime is going all-out to eliminate millions and billions of unwanted people domestically and abroad by poorly tested/experimental kill shots designed for this purpose -- while more greatly enriching Pharma profiteers and the privileged few throughout the US/West.

Noted physician I've quoted time and again for his straight talk truth-telling on all things health related -- Dr. Vernon Coleman -- minced no words days earlier, saying the following:

"(W)e have a horrifying avalanche of (indisputable) evidence (based on science to show) that these damned (jabs) are killing and maiming people – all for a disease which is proved to be no more dangerous than the annual flu."

What I call seasonal flu/influenza renamed, Coleman added:

What's going on "is (state-sponsored) global genocide."

"How much longer are people going to be silent?"

"How many must die?"

"How many must be crippled" by experimental DNA-altering jabs?

Indisputable evidence shows that they risk contraction of most imaginable form of disease and disability -- while providing no health protection as falsely claimed.

"It was obvious (long ago that mass-jabbing for flu/covid) would kill and injure millions," Coleman stressed.

Pushing them and all else flu/covid related -- notably by Dems and their MSM press agents -- constitute a major Nuremberg Code breach.

It's unequivocal stating that "voluntary consent…is absolutely essential" on all things health related, nothing mandated.

And "(n)o experiment should be conducted where there is an a priori reason to believe that death or disabling injury will occur."

And "experiment(s) (when) conducted…should…avoid all unnecessary physical and mental suffering and injury."

Yet CDC and European Medicines Agency data show over 7 million injuries and deaths since mass-jabbing began -- reported figures a small fraction of the real human toll.

There's no ambiguity that heavily promoted and/or mandated kill shots constitute a major Nuremberg Code breach.

In the US, Dems are far and away  the main offenders.

Weeks earlier, researcher Steve Kirsch stressed the following based on indisputable scientific evidence, saying:

"The 'safe and effective' narrative is falling apart."

Deaths and life-altering injuries from kill shots are "too massive to keep hiding (and) explaining away."

"How can heart disease explode in kids only" after getting jabbed?

"Embalmers are seeing blood clots in over 50% of patients that they've never seen in their careers."

"(D)eaths from stroke and other unusual causes in YOUNG people are through the roof."

Jabbed children are "having seizures."

"(B)irth rates are dropping (worldwide) and there are more stillbirths."

"Young people (are dying) in their sleep."

So are large numbers of highly conditioned athletes while or after competing on the field of play.

"Pilots are having events at unprecedented rates, but airlines (aren't) screen(ing) (them) for cardiac issues."

"Young healthy (people) are having medical problems at unprecedented rates."

Medical professionals-turned whistleblowers are speaking openly about health destruction from kill shots -- at the risk of their careers being terminated for the offense of truth-telling compliance with  Nuremberg Principles and the Hippocratic Oath of doing no harm.

It's scientifically clear that flu/covid jabs are unsafe at any dose.

That multiple jabs significantly risk irreparable harm to health.

That MSM continue betraying the public welfare by heavily promoting what should be banned.

The NYT is one of the leading offenders with rubbish like the following, saying:

Garden variety flu renamed covid killed "nearly 15 million people (sic)."

A raging pandemic of the jabbed exists -- not the other way around.

Staying unjabbed is crucial to protect what's too precious to lose.

And this Times rubbish:

The Pharma-controlled FDA "authorized (a) redesign" of kill shots for more scariant than variant omicron -- what's crucial to shun with protecting health in mind.

All flu/covid strains are virtually identical, differences among them too minor to matter.

Instead of explaining what's important for everyone to know -- notably about shunning health-destroying jabs -- the Times and other MSM push them in cahoots with genocide-supporting Dem dark forces.

Along with heavily pushing health-destroying kill shots with unparalleled depopulation in mind, the Biden regime, congressional Dems and likeminded Republicans risk war on Russia over Ukraine and on China over Taiwan -- with nukes if things are pushed too far.

Never before in my lifetime was I more fearful of what may lie ahead than now -- with criminals empowered in Washington, other Western capitals and Tel Aviv.

Two devastating global wars taught nations involved nothing.

Compared to the power of today's super-weapons, ones used in WW I and II were toys by comparison.

If global war 3.0 occurs, all bets are off.

What's unthinkable could be war to end all future ones by eliminating humanity and all other life forms.