US-Dominated NATO Regimes Reject Russia's Security Demands

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US-Dominated NATO Regimes Reject Russia's Security Demands

by Stephen Lendman

After Biden regime hardliners rejected Russia's security demands on Monday, it was clear that impasse would continue during talks with subservient US vassal states on Wednesday.

Much the same will follow when Russia meets with subservient US OSCE officials on Thursday.

Russia knows that US-dominated European nations have no intention of going along with its justifiable security demands.

It knows that continued talks will be as fruitless as ones already held.

Following talks on Wednesday, US-installed NATO puppet Stoltenberg said what's clear and won't change:

"There are significant differences between NATO (regimes) and Russia on" its sought security issues.

They "will not be easy to bridge" because the US-dominated alliance has no intention of even taking baby steps toward more normalized relations with Moscow.

As expected, nothing positive emerged from  Tuesday and Wednesday talks.

A repeat of the same is assured on Thursday.

Future dialogue won't change a thing.

On Tuesday, interventionist Blinken said that the Biden regime intends to continue pouring heavy and other weapons into Ukraine in support of its US-directed war machine.

He threatened Moscow with unspecified punitive actions.

At a Tuesday State Department briefing: Russopohobe neocon extremist Victoria Nuland lied about Moscow like many times before.

She falsely accused the Kremlin of plotting to destabilize and internally sabotage Ukraine.

She lied about Russian forces amassed along Ukraine's border that don't exist.

She lied claiming that Moscow may invade Ukraine.

She defied reality by falsely claiming that Russia occupies Ukrainian territory.

She lied calling US-occupied, Nazi-infested tyrannical Ukrainian rule democratic.

She and interventionist Blinken are likeminded on all things Russia and other nations free from US control. 

Wanting them transformed into subservient vassal states, they and likeminded Biden regime extremists favor whatever it'll take to achieve their aims, including brute force if other tactics fall short.

Why does Russia waste time talking to officials of a regime and its subservient vassal states will ill intentions toward Moscow in mind?

Why when there's no chance of achieving its sought security objectives?

The US-dominated West considers Russia a mortal enemy for not sacrificing its interests to their will.

Why hasn't Moscow said enough is enough and ended talks going nowhere no matter how long they continue?

Why will it waste more time on Thursday by meeting with pro-Western OSCE officials — knowing that nothing positive will be achieved.

Heading Russia's delegation in Brussels, Deputy Foreign Minister Alexander Grushko called US-dominated NATO's behavior — including on Wednesday — an "unacceptable" threat, adding:

"(I)n 1997, there was only one country sharing a border with Russia knocking on NATO's door — Poland." 

"Today, many countries have joined the alliance, and their territories are being openly used to project power against Russia from various geographic locations and into its strategic interior."

"This seriously worsens our security and creates unacceptable risks for our security which we will confront."

Hegemon US-dominated NATO devotes enormous amounts of time, energy and resources trying to marginalize, weaken and contain Russia.

What's been going on longterm has had "a destructive impact on attempts to build common European security on a different set of principles," Grushko explained

Weeks before security talks in Geneva, Brussels and Vienna, he stressed the following:

"We are making clear (to the US-dominated West) that we are ready to talk about switching over from a military or a military-technical scenario to a political process."

"If that doesn't work out, we signaled to (their ruling regimes) that (Moscow will shift) to creating counter threats."

"(B)ut (then) it will then be too late to ask us why we made these decisions and" and took these steps.

On Wednesday, he said that Russia informed US-dominated NATO countries that "a further worsening of the situation could lead to the most unpredictable and dire consequences for European security."

Will subservient to US interests European vassal states risk confrontation with Russia? 

Or will they go along with Moscow's pursuit of peace, stability and cooperative relations, according to the rule of law?

Like virtually always before throughout the post-WW II period in deference to hegemon USA's interests over their own, they continue confrontational policies with Russia that risks global war 3.0 if things are pushed too far.

Before this week's security talks began on Tuesday, "cooperation between Russia and the (US-dominated) alliance in zones of common interests have been suspended," Gushkno lamented, adding:

"Today we do not have any unifying positive agenda, none at all."

Continued talks by Russia with the US-dominated West until it is officials turn blue in the face from trying won't change a thing.

Russia knows and needs to act based on knowing that time for talks going nowhere is over.

It's crucial for Russian action to replace them in language that the US-dominated West understands.

Nothing less can advance its security interests.

Diplomacy and passivity in dealings with the US-dominated West is self-defeating.

Vladimir Putin and senior Russian officials understand reality.

It's time to start showing it by shifting from Mr. nice guys to no longer putting up with what no ruling authorities should tolerate.