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Off-Grid with Curtis Stone

Imagine yourself on your future homestead - what do you see? Before even stepping out to build your dream life, take a step back and evaluate what your context is. Remember, it's all about YOU!

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I'm looking at the events taking place in America, and I thoroughly believe that if more Americans had and were comfortable with the ins-and-outs of 3D printers, we could ride over a lot of the rough and bumpy roads that we're dealing with.

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Okay. So, frequent followers of TOP know I usually post articles about marksmanship or other related items, air rifles, OPSEC in a big city, and water use. But today, let's talk about something we all do, and that is poo.

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A while back, when I was living in an apartment in North Carolina, I did a radio interview about prepping in the city. It was a live show, and we took some phone calls from listeners. One particular caller stood out in my mind. He was insistent that

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You have to have food. There's no way around it. Once your stores of Mountain House and Piggly Wiggly canned vegetables run out, you're going to have to find means of putting food on the table.

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You can stock up on items that you can barter with but eventually, you'll run out of space in your stockroom. To maximize the space in your homestead, it's better to learn useful skills for bartering like home repair or sewing.