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These are places you can find in a typical urban, suburban environment and with a little knowledge and a few tools, they will provide water that can be easily processed giving you a precious gallon or two to ensure your survival.

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Activist Post

Everyone was supposed to be back at the office by now. It's not really happening, however, and this has huge implications for the future of the American city.

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Wranglerstar -

In today's video, Wranglerstar dives into the world of tactical communications essential for survival in extreme situations. Join me as we explore the ins and outs of military-grade radios, PTT systems, Peltor Comtac headsets, and the versatile Baofe

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Organic Prepper - Daisy Luther

If disaster strikes, you want fast, succinct information. Get 5 printable information sheets with survival instructions and reminders in our first In Case of Emergency pack!

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Moving is often a stressful time. Everything feels chaotic. All your worldly positions are packed in little boxes, and you have to pick up and relocate your whole life. Doubly so for a cross-country move.

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This is important…just in case. I hope I'm wrong, but things are very tense in the world right now and some of the people with whom things are tense are nuclear powers.