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Organic Prepper - 1stMarineJarHead

What makes a good shot? Is it the ammo, the weapon, or perhaps something more? Regular practice of this drill will help you to find the answer

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Jose did a great piece recently on the importance of timing for relocation. When to leave is perhaps the hardest aspect to determine for either a planned move (in advance of an event) or an emergency escape.

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Hollis and Nancys Homestead

Learn how to grow potatoes in a 5 gallon bucket which holds an amazing number of potatoes. This Advanced Complete Growing guide will cover planting, growing and harvesting the bucket potatoes which is easy and affordable. Finally, it may be the only

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Organic Prepper - Aden Tate

Could bartering extra radio gear be the perfect form of currency to get your family what they need post-collapse? What are people going to do when they have no access to loved ones and information. Here's why we think we might be onto something.

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Country Living Experience -

We built this root cellar for under $40 and it was very easy to do. Root cellars can be large or small depending on your need. This one is just the right size for us at this time. Using a trash can or garbage can for the cellar structure is simple, e

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