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Being underestimated can be incredibly frustrating sometimes. If you're a guy reading this, ask any woman you know, and she'll tell you. But, the secret is, being underestimated can also be a tremendous advantage.

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Homesteading Family

Stocking up food and growing large gardens is a great part of learning to be more self-sufficient, but how much food do you need for your family? Join Josh and Carolyn as they chat about getting your annual food amounts dialed in for your family!

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News Nation Now

Scarcity days are here again, but this time the cause isn't millions of people suddenly having to flush, eat, cook and amuse themselves at home while on lockdown. The problem is a serious lack of everything from cargo ships to tractor-trailers in t

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Reader Michael made a very good suggestion about putting some food buckets up and having them handy to give out to folks who are having hard times.

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Sometimes people think that a summer power outage is easier to deal with than a winter one. After all, in the summer, you don't have to worry about freezing to death, which is a very real threat during a long-lasting winter outage.

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