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10 Times the Golden Ratio Was Used in War and How It May Apply to Survival

• by Aden Tate

Just what is that ratio? 0.618, or around 3/5. Anytime you have a painting that utilizes this ratio, it will be recognized to have traits of beauty within it. Photographers will recognize the 'rule of thirds' present within the Golden Ratio, being a rough estimate of 0.618.

Of course, the painter's skill with a brush, the subject matter, and the time spent on the final piece are also vital components of determining how beautiful a piece will be, but the point remains: there is something inherently special about the Golden Ratio.

But are there other aspects of life where we can see the Golden Ratio at work? Can it be applied to fields other than art? What about the field of war? History appears to instruct us so. If we examine the life of war throughout history, we can find multiple examples of the Golden Ratio being applied successfully, resulting in victory for the man who uses its secrets, knowingly or not.

And while generals throughout history may not have realized this was what they were doing – using the Golden Ratio – the fact remains that it still seems to benefit the user. Perhaps mathematical beauty applied to war is an ingredient for constant success? Perhaps it can warn us as to when conflict is soon to turn sour?

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