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Bidets for Preppers: An Alternative To TP

•, 1stMarineJarHead

Do you recall the great toilet paper panic grab of 2021 when the COVID lockdowns were first enacted?  A woman at a big box store purchasing an entire pallet of TP? Even fights breaking out over a four-pack of TP? If it were not for the fact it was actually happening, you would have thought it was toilet humor or an odd episode of The Twilight Zone.

But have you ever actually considered how much TP you use on a daily basis for that basic bodily function?  

Pre-COVID lockdowns, my parents were enjoying retirement by traveling the world.  While in Europe, they stayed at a hotel that had something rather unique by American terms, a bidet.  Without going into gross details, they were sold.  So much they installed two in their own home.  

I went to visit them last year and, after some trial and error (more trial than error, thankfully) I, too, was sold.