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There Isn't Just One Way to Prep

• by Daisy Luther

He told me about his acreage in Montana, Idaho, or one of those beautiful, spacious mountainous states. He said that he had a garden that was one acre in size, a generator he sustained with solar and wind power, two years' worth of freeze-dried food, a cold mountain stream running through the land, and all manner of other expensive preparedness measures. He truly had an awe-inspiring set-up.

But he couldn't wrap his brain around the fact that there are many different ways to be prepared and many different situations for which there is not a one-size-fits-all answer. He wasn't an overly pleasant caller, but he did get my wheels turning a bit.

Actually, I thought of this fellow a few days ago when reading about the latest industrial accident that rendered an area at least temporarily unlivable. What happens to all that stuff when you suddenly can't be there anymore for reasons outside your control? You can't fight off an airborne threat the way you can potentially fend away an angry horde. You can't outlast an invading army that drops a bomb in your area. There are always reasons that you might have to live your idyllic setup, and I'd argue that being able to survive without all the trappings is every bit as important as the trappings themselves.

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