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How to Turn "Less" into Everything You Need

•, Daisy Luther

You have fresh butter and fresh sour cream, made over the last week. You don't have much in the way of exotic spices, just a bit of locally smoked paprika, some sea salt, and some black pepper. You don't have fancy air fryers, 947 different cooking vessels, or gadgets to cut it into fancy shapes.

You have your potato, some olive oil, some tin foil, and your oven.

You bake your fist-sized potato after slathering it in fragrant, dark-gold olive oil (plus a couple of extra ones for future meals.) You cut it open, slather it with the fresh, yellow butter, and season it with your salt, pepper, and paprika. Add a dollop of sour cream, then sit down at your table. You've spent about 50 cents total on this, or perhaps you grew every single bite yourself.

The potato is tender, flaky, and earthy, delicately flavored with butter, filling your tastebuds. The skin is crisp. The sour cream topping is a cool, delicious contrast. The flavors imparted by the simple seasonings are delicate, yet rich at the same time.

This is what happens when you say, "I had a delicious, fresh potato loaded with delicious things" instead of "I only had a potato for dinner."