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10 Herbs for Wound Care: A Prepper's Herbal Medicine Cabinet

• by Amy Allen

Some of the snowstorms we've been experiencing of late have overwhelmed hospitals and put a stop to emergency services. If the ambulance can't get to you because the plow hasn't cleared your street, small injuries can become big issues quickly. Cuts, scrapes, animal and spider bites, infections, and abscesses can all become problems if left untreated.

In this article, I'll discuss some herbal treatments along with any available scientific bases. The references I'm using are Cat Ellis's Prepper's Natural MedicineThe Green Pharmacy by James Duke, and Brigitte Mars' Natural First Aid Handbook. (All of these books are OP-recommended!)

But first, to keep the FDA happy, the Disclaimer: We no doctors here! We no give medical advice! Reader do own research and make own choices! If you're in distress you go nearest ER! 

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