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Advanced Urban Survival Skills EVERYONE Should Have

• Organic Prepper - Fabian Omar

Streets and public spaces in large cities present a vast set of dangers and threats, even in more civilized and safer countries. That's because criminals, predators, and deranged and evil people are present in greater numbers in urban agglomerations; the higher density of people and infrastructure means more opportunities for lawbreakers.

That's becoming more evident today with the masses of "cultural enrichers" invading North America, the UK, and mainland Europe. But that's not all: people everywhere are also losing their minds, thanks to the crisis and instability, causing friction and violence to rise. I believe this mass insanity will get worse as time passes.

This time, I wanted to go beyond the typical "situational awareness" advice and provide more practical and direct actions to improve personal safety, navigate big city streets, and deal with various situations and unwanted players.


It's perfectly fine to lie and create distractions and misdirections when dealing with strangers. When staying silent isn't an option, use as few words as necessary. The more we talk, the more we give away or complicate ourselves, so keep it short so as not to get trapped in complex stories or contradict yourself.

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