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Survival basics: 12 Barter skills to learn before SHTF

• by Zoey Sky

n a post-SHTF world, people will want to barter with you for other items you may need. (h/t to

Different prepping and survival skills can be used for bartering, but certain ones will be in high demand after a disaster. Here are 12 barter skills you should try developing before SHTF:


Blacksmithing refers to the ability to work with metal. With this skill, you can make and repair essential items and tools.

To practice blacksmithing, you should invest in the following tools:

An anvil

Fire extinguishers

A forge

Protective gear (such as safety glasses, a respirator, non-synthetic clothing, steel-toed boots, earplugs and gloves )

A vice

After a collapse, you can source metal from non-working vehicles and other abandoned sources of metal.

As a blacksmith, customers will require your services for sharp knives, tools and simple machines.