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Africa: On the Map

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Activist Post

African countries emerged as "independent" nation-states in a context of a debt-based fiat money system, the fiat dollar standard. Independent is in quotation marks because Africa's countries' independence is nominal.

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Doctor Warned Tech 'Too Terrifying To Use' That Could 'Trigger Uncontrollable Rage' Would Be Tied To 'Vaccine Mandates' In OUR Lifetimes - Rwanda Is Proof This CIA Mind Control Tech Turns Crowds Into Zombified Genocidal Maniacs

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Activist Post

In the spring of 2021 villagers in the Congo discovered a mountain which has 60-90% gold soil! That led to a gold rush much like the California Gold Rush in 1848-1852, the Black Hills Gold Rush in 1874, and the Klondike Gold Rush in 1896 in the US.

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Uganda announced the discovery of a deposit of 31 million tonnes of gold ore. Critics said that a great deal of gold ore is required to produce a single gram of refined gold and Uganda's mines are estimated to generate about 217 metric tons of refi

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Ron Paul Liberty Report

UN World Food Program head David Beasley announced yesterday that global food rations for refugees will need to be cut in half due to the unprecedented food crisis. How much of this crisis is man-made as the elites use food as a weapon in what has tu

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Desmond Tutu's recent passing reminds us of South Africa's difficult transition away from apartheid as state policy, and into the complications and frustrations of mass democracy.

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Slave [sleyv] from Middle English, from Old French sclave, from Medieval Latin scl?vus ("slave"), from Late Latin Scl?vus ("Slavic Person"), from Byzantine Greek ??????? (Sklábos), from Proto-Slavic slov?nin? …