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Africa: On the Map

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Article Image By WESLEY MORGAN

Despite Pentagon assertions, secret programs allow American troops to direct combat raids in Somalia, Kenya, Niger and other African nations.

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In this video, gives you the latest breaking news in Harare Zimbabwe with Jeff Berwick the dollar vigilante. We cover the White farmers, bitcoin cryptocurrency community, the soft coup against Mugabe, the real social economic situation on the ground,

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A Canadian businessman agreed to sell four gold castings of South African leader Nelson Mandela's hands. For $10 million in bitcoin, a cryptocurrency firm launching an initial coin offering (ICO) has agreed to the purchase, promising a world tour o

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Netanyahu Besieged. Regime Change in Israel? Britain Officially Prepares Now for War Against Russia Did the CIA Sabotage Russia at the Olympics? What Western Imperialism Is Up to Now in Zimbabwe

Article Image by Professor Filip Kovacevic

In the fifty-eighth edition of the Russian Newspapers Monitor, Professor Filip Kovacevic discusses the articles from four Russian newspapers: Kommersant, Nezavisimaya Gazeta, RBK, and Izvestia. He discusses Russia's expansion of geopolitical influ

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A recent investigation by the Daily Beast suggests US troops in Somalia were involved in the murder of ten civilians - including three children - in a small village in August. However, AFRICOM released a statement yesterday affirming that everyone ki

Article Image by Jonathan Marshall

If national-security reporters are ever replaced by robots writing boilerplate stories, blame it on the fact that U.S. military policy has become so predictable and repetitive. Consider this New York Times story from 2011: