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Africa: On the Map

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https://original.antiwar.comby Ted Galen Carpenter

People who recall how the United States and its NATO partners (along with their propaganda mouthpieces in the news media) generated public support for a proxy war in Ukraine may be experiencing a sense of déjà vu.

Article Image, By Caitlin Johnstone

Victoria Nuland has gone to Africa. Gone to Africa to talk some sense into the Nigeriens and convince them to return to the shackles of Paris. Gone to Africa to harvest blood diamonds and cobalt.

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Ron Paul Institute - Melkulangara Bhadrakumar

The coup in the West African state of Niger on July 26 and the Russia-Africa Summit the next day in St. Petersburg are playing out in the backdrop of multipolarity in the world order.

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Linkedin - Almeida S. A. Tomáz

In case you missed it, here is the summary of the document that formalizes one of the GREATEST AND IMMORAL ROBBY IN THE WORLD TODAY, which has contributed significantly to the impoverishment of millions of Africans for generations for more than 70 ye

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Africa News

Zimbabwe has banned all lithium exports after the government said it was losing 1.7 billion euros from exporting it as a raw mineral and not processing it into batteries in-country.


Mobile money exploded in East Africa through the launch of M-Pesa, a phone-based money transfer service founded in Kenya fifteen years ago. Despite policy and funding challenges, markets in West Africa such as Senegal and Côte D'Ivoire now se