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Africa: On the Map

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While the United States and France have been helping the fragile governments of Africa's Sahel region stave off Islamist terrorist attacks and takeovers, Russia has been busy trying to push NATO out of the area and augment its own influence there.

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Whether or not the 2010s were a "lost decade," one thing is clear: many countries fell short of their potential, possibly squandering their last best shot of registering strong GDP growth. In the decade ahead, demographic realities will catch up to C

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Doug Casey's Note: I've often said that, knowing what I do today, if I were 30 years old and wanted to seek my fortune, I'd definitely go to Africa.

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The US and NATO operate the largest military infrastructure in Africa with thirty-four bases (some secret) and thirty new US military or NATO construction projects underway in Africa spanning four countries...

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As we warned then, China's "noble" crusade to modernize Africa, would not come cheaply, because less than a decade later Africa - that final debt frontier - is suddenly finding itself with an all too developed problem: too much debt... and almost all

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?" Xenophobia and Declaration of Government in a State of Critical Incompetence