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In the book, "A Consumer's Guide to Toxic Food Additives" authors Bill and Linda Bonvie reveal the many additives lurking in our everyday food and outline ways we can identify and eliminate them from our diets. Following on the heels of our exc

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Move over apples. An avocado a day may be key to keeping the doctor away by fortifying your body with vital nutrients for your skin, brain and heart, while warding off obesity and other health conditions. Here are four benefits you can expect when yo


You and his team analyzed data from 175 countries and territories - in other words, almost the whole world - and used various statistical methods to "explore and compare the correlations between newborn life expectancy … life expectancy at five y

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Good morning: A couple days ago Russia announced publicly their intention to use Gold as a payment solution in international commodity trade. They intend to start with Grains, a food mainstay.