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Lab-Grown Beef And Chicken Will Soon Be In Your Local Grocery Store…

•, by Michael

In fact, I would rather crawl on my belly for a mile on a gravel road filled with razor-sharp glass shards than eat a single bite of lab-grown "meat".  I am sure that many of you feel the same.  But it is coming anyway.  In fact, CNN is reporting that Americans will be able to try lab-grown chicken "soon"…

Soon, Americans are going to be able to try chicken that comes directly from chicken cells rather than, well, a chicken.

On Wednesday, the USDA gave Upside Foods and Good Meat the green light to start producing and selling their lab-grown, or cultivated, chicken products in the United States.

The USDA really does a bang up job of protecting us, don't they?

I can only imagine the new dangers that this sort of "meat" will bring to our population.

If you are not familiar with "lab-grown meat", the following is a pretty good summary

In a nutshell, lab-grown meat — or cultivated or cell-based meat — is meat that is developed from animal cells and grown, with the help of nutrients like amino acids, in massive bioreactors.

This happens in a production facility that looks a lot like a brewery: When you picture it, don't think of people in white coats and hairnets peering through microscopes into petri dishes, but instead people in white coats and hairnets wandering between giant vats.

It wasn't supposed to be available to the public so quickly, but apparently some people have already had an opportunity to sample it at a restaurant in San Francisco

On Saturday, cultivated chicken tempura will be on Bar Crenn's menu, served with a burnt chili aioli and garnished with greens and edible flowers. Chef Dominique Crenn took meat off the restaurant's menu in 2018 "because of the impact of factory farming on animals and the planet," according the the restaurant's website, but is comfortable selling cultivated chicken.