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Venezuela Is Imprisoning Farmers for Throwing Away Food

• Organic Prepper - J G Martinez

We all know the quality of "justice" in countries where the communists set foot. Don´t believe for even a second that gang is defeated or is nonexistent. They just mutated and try to hide behind another fur, but their goals are the same since their infamous "leaders" roamed around spreading their poisoning words.

For those of you who don´t know, in Venezuela, farmers are being imprisoned for throwing away food that they can´t transport from the countryside to the merchant´s places. The lack of diesel from the refineries is taking a toll. In a country without a meaningful personal electric or diesel vehicle pool, fuel scarcity is hitting the economy at the core.

This is a serious problem with a strong impact on the country's food security:

• Zanahorias, tomates y agricultores presos: crisis del campo desnuda al gobierno (

• La falta de medios pone en jaque a los agricultores venezolanos • Diario de Los Andes, noticias de Los Andes, Trujillo, Táchira y Mérida

• Diputados del PSUV piden cárcel a campesinos que boten comida (

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Why are farmers throwing away food?

Farmers need fuel not only to harvest their crops; they need to transport them to the market. Without fuel, the transport on time gets delayed, and many products spoil, like carrots, tomatoes, and potatoes. Then they are forced to throw them away.

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