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EXCLUSIVE - Woman, 38, whose undiagnosed Lyme disease left her 'MINUTES from death' reveals

•, By Carol Driver

Angela Lerro, 38, from Los Angeles, stopped eating most meat and fish and lived mainly on vegetables and colorful salad dishes for three years after undergoing surgery in 2013. 

But instead of feeling better, she began fainting up to 20 times a day, breaking out in hives and rashes, and suffering from heightened anxiety and anaphylaxis. She became so bloated, she looked pregnant. 

The reiki master was told it was post-cancer ailments, but her symptoms were actually caused by undiagnosed Lyme disease, which she'd been unknowingly battling for over 30 years.

After being told the news by doctors in 2021, she ditched her heavily plant-based eating for an exclusively carnivorous diet and her ailments reversed.

Now Angela is keen to help others who might be suffering as she did.