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Sourdough under the microscope reveals microbes cultivated over generations

• The Conversation

Sourdough is the oldest kind of leavened bread in recorded history, and people have been eating it for thousands of years. The components of creating a sourdough starter are very simple – flour and water. Mixing them produces a live culture where yeast and bacteria ferment the sugars in flour, making byproducts that give sourdough its characteristic taste and smell. They are also what make it rise in the absence of other leavening agents.

My sourdough starter, affectionately deemed the "Fosters" starter, was passed down to me by my grandparents, who received it from my grandmother's college roommate. It has followed me throughout my academic career across the country, from undergrad in New Mexico to graduate school in Pennsylvania to postdoctoral work in Washington.

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Should view under a Microsphere Nanoscope. Views living things in living color, almost as powerfully as an electron microscope. Watch the yeast cells wiggle.