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These grant requests clearly explained that "skin-penetrating nanoparticles" containing "novel chimeric spike proteins" were to be used for transforming otherwise bat-only coronaviruses into highly infectious coronaviruses that humans can "

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18 months before the pandemic, scientists in Wuhan, China submitted a proposal to release enhanced airborne coronaviruses into the wild in an effort to inoculate them against diseases that could have otherwise jumped to humans, according to The Teleg

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Nowadays, we are being forced to do two factor authentication using a phone number. This requires some rethinking of strategies on how to use our phone numbers. It becomes a major identifier. Let's discuss how we handle this and keep our phone numbe

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Chronic wounds such as diabetic foot ulcers can be very difficult to treat, partially because of antibiotic-resistant "biofilms" that form over the affected tissue. A new type of microneedle patch, however, has been shown to deliver medication throug