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Article Image News Link • Global, By Nick Lavars

Texan startup Firefly Aerospace has joined the growing group of orbit-capable space startups, with the successful launch of its Alpha rocket over the weekend. The mission saw a set of satellites deployed into low-Earth orbit and marks a long-awaited

Article Image News Link • Global by JOE ALLEN

Elitists want to live forever but common folk will die and end up as rich compost. Transhumanism and Technocracy are evil twins that are currently in control of the global narrative, policies and outcomes. They must be rejected before they do permane

Article Image News Link • Global By Rich Haridy

An extraordinary new study has recorded the first evidence of babies in the womb reacting to flavors of foods eaten by their mothers. The stunning images show fetuses crumpling up their faces in disgust minutes after a mother consumes bitter kale or