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The Worst Protein in the World

•, Dr. Eric Berg DC

0:00 Introduction: The worst protein in the world 0:56 What is textured vegetable protein? 1:52 How is textured vegetable protein made? 4:26 Protein poisoning In this video, we're going to talk about one of the worst protein sources in the world. After having a horrible reaction to some "chicken wings" that I ate, I called to find out what was in them. It turns out they were plant-based chicken wings made with textured vegetable protein. Textured vegetable protein, or textured soy protein, is the worst protein in the world. Soy or cottonseed is used as the "vegetable" to make this protein. Textured vegetable protein was invented in 1960 as a way to use the waste produced from seed oils. It has been used in veggie burgers, fake meat products, cereals, and many other food products. Textured vegetable protein is an ultra-processed ingredient. To make it, oil, nutrients, and fiber are removed from the soybean using heat and chemicals like hexane. There are no long-term safety studies or upper limit on hexane established by the FDA. Chronic hexane toxicity is a condition caused by inhaling hexane, so what happens when you ingest it?