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Dr Barry Smith, a philosopher who works on food taste, is urging people to think twice before consuming ultra-processed foods The food scientist was part of the expert team manipulating every aspect of our favorite products, from packet to textu

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The Jimmy Dore Show -

Videos have been going viral on social media showing consumers revealing the rubbery fruits they've purchased, including bananas, avocados, watermelon and blueberries. Video creators say they purchased these strange fruits at Costco and Whole Foods

Article Image, By Tracy Thurman

In my previous articles, we looked at the global war on farmers, the organizations pushing for the Great Food Reset, the tactics used to foist these changes on the public, and the projects underway to remove your access to healthy, farm-fresh foods.

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Activist Post

The ruling wants to track and trace all meat cattle from birth to consumption. The ever-increasing involvement in the daily lives of the slave class in the United States has no bounds, apparently.