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Father and his two-year-old daughter go viral after appearing in an adorable home video that shows them lip-syncing in perfect time to Maroon 5 in a bathroom mirror

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Failure-to-launch millennial Michael Rotondo has claimed that he was misdiagnosed with schizophrenia and that he can't see his eight-year-old son because no one is willing to supervise the visits.

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The State Council, China's cabinet, has commissioned research on the repercussions of ending the country's roughly four-decade-old policy and intends to enact the change nationwide, said the people, who asked not to be named while discussing gove

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In an exclusive first interview since his explosive autobiography was released, Randy Fowler, 62, revealed to The Sun Online that he almost killed his dad after being raped over 50 times

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Under the mindset of the factory era, old people were expected to move quietly to the side after they stopped working. From there they were to quietly dote on grandchildren, then get sick and die. That, however, has changed.

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The author is parroting UN Sustainable Development dogma that calls for population reduction throughout the world. Agenda 21 architects in the 1990s suggested that the earth could only sustain 600-800 million people. What would happen to the other 6.

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Since Technocrats view people as resources to be engineered, they have no regard for the family unit or parental rights. This case could well have taken place in Nazi Germany in the 1930s when Technocracy first asserted itself. ? TN Editor

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