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What would happen if your city, county, state or this nation started celebrating a Natural Family Month starting on Mother's day and ending on Father's day? You know, one biological man and woman in a lifelong committed, monogamous relationship wit

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James Corbett - The Corbett Report

As I prepare for a week of behind-the-scenes work, I leave you today with this positive message I wrote back in 2016 about why I do the work that I do. I hope you enjoy it. See you in April!

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Dennis Prager - Prager U

Peachy Keenan, formerly a writer at a major entertainment company, now calls herself a domestic extremist. What does she mean by that? She makes the case that you should consider becoming one too.

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With all the disinformation about people with uteruses and all types of family structures--plus the sad decline in the West's birth rates-- it's worth considering the divine calling that is drowned out by all this noise.

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Business Insider

Gone are the white picket fences, the two-and-a-half children in the suburbs, and married parents. The American nuclear family is officially dead, according to a new analysis from the Pew Research Center -- even if some Americans haven't accepted it


Karl Marx recommended the abolition of marriage in his Communist Manifesto, stating it would naturally bring with it the dissolution of the system of free love, which he called public and private prostitution. In other words, Marx thought that mar