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22-Year-Old Quits Her Job For 'Tradwife' Lifestyle, Embraces 1940s--Has Words For Couples To

•, Via The Epoch Times

Mrs. Lewis, now 22, has embraced the role of a "tradwife" (traditional wife), a neo-retro lifestyle trend adopted by some conservative newlywed women that has garnered a following on social media. She and her husband, Andrew Lewis, 28, embrace this choice, living together on a farm they purchased in Missouri.

Growing Up an Old Soul

"As a child, I grew up on black and white movies," she told The Epoch Times. "Dad really likes jazz. It was something that was a part of my life that I thought was normal. I read so many historical fiction books about the '40s."

Mrs. Lewis's great-grandfather, who passed away in 2017, served in World War II—which probably instilled in her a strong sense of connection to this particular period.

"I started listening to more of the music and really started to get more vintage clothing," she said. "It was just a really fun way to experiment with a different lifestyle."

As she grew older, she incorporated more modern items into her fashion, she said. Though her style was still eccentric. "I never felt like I needed to fit in."

"I enjoy more old-fashioned clothing and stuff like that," she said.

Now married, having left the nest and high school behind, Mrs. Lewis embraced her penchant for vintage-era things and took the next step by living it.

Meeting and Marrying Andrew

Mrs. Lewis met Mr. Lewis in May 2019. She reminisced about meeting her future husband for the first time. It was very traditional.

"We sort of have mutual friends," Mrs. Lewis said. "My grandfather had friends within the church that my husband was going to at the time."

Mr. Lewis spoke with her dad, in traditional fashion, and drove out from 12 or 13 hours away to meet her, a true act of chivalry.

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