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A new leaked video of Hunter Biden shows the president's son filming himself with a cigarette in his mouth as he weighs a mystery powder on a scale which social media users have dubbed as "crack", a nod to his well documented drug history.

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Your responses to my request for family-friendly entertainment were overwhelming. Thank you all. At first I intended on vetting the list and commenting on the various titles, but there were far too many.

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For all the brainwashed young marrieds who willingly choose to forego having children, it's Metaverse to the rescue as they can now have virtual children to feed, change diapers. nurture, teach, play, etc. Get tired of your virtual child? Just clic

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Young men get a bad rap, not only in modern narratives, but in assumptions that portray them as the aberrant sex, rather than the normative one. Neither sex is normative, of course; humans come in two basic varieties, and both are equally necessary.

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There is a gaping void in the modern West: A profound lack of moral education. This void was created when church attendance was ripped out of the culture and replaced with nothing at all. This is a dangerous void: a civilization cannot continue witho

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I believe that women are inherently as valuable as men and that impositions put upon them because of their sex are crimes. But I don't believe this because of politics, I believe it because of experience.

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Finally, after a year of back-and-forth, Stephanie's husband asked whether she and her parents would be willing to have a mediated conversation on how to improve their overall relationship. They asked a trusted family friend who was a pastor to med