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George Jetson was a character created in the 1960s but is the family man of the future. He has robot servants, flying cars, and moving sidewalks. All the apartment buildings are set on giant poles In Jetsons: The Movie, they revealed that they live i

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The reason is, I believe, he understands what the major players are doing by Naked Short Selling Bitcoin, creating phantom chains and buying bitcoin and ethereum for $0 while selling them for cash.


The only question remaining is, "Who will control you?" After the Great Reset, if it gets that far, you will own nothing, the global common trust will own everything, the central banks will have a 100% monopoly on money and you will be thrown int

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Eric Peters Autos

It was only fifteen years ago that there were at least nine brands of cars that there aren't anymore. Oldsmobile, Pontiac, Saturn, Mercury, Plymouth, Saab and Hummer. Under each of these banners, whole lines of cars - and trucks and SUVs - were

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Ron Paul Institute - Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr.

Ladies and gentlemen, we face a grave danger. The leader of a major European power wants to make territorial revisions. He is surrounded by hostile powers who threaten him. He does not seek war with other countries but if the hostile powers continue

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Russell Brand -

A Google engineer has been suspended for leaking that the AI chatbot he was working on has become sentient. But they're definitely not planning to build an army of robots to replace us. Nothing to see here.