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Skynet Went Live June 8! Attn: Alexa Echo and Ring Owners - Skynet is Here: Ready for Singularity? - Big Tech Botnets: The Fearsome New Technology

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Absolon is a 2003 post-apocalyptic science fiction thriller film directed by David Barto and starring Christopher Lambert, Lou Diamond Phillips, and Kelly Brook. The plot concerns a future society where the only hope for survival from a deadly virus

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Of all the people on the planet who should probably take a pass on weighing in over the future of Covid-19, the woman suspected of either creating it and/or releasing it is probably at the top of the list.

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Clive Maund – Genocide is their End Game and everything that has happened and is happening is due to a meticulously planned and sinister plot being implemented by the narrow clique of gangsters who now control our world.