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Bitcoin is going to zero


Last August, Big Short's John Paulsen forecasted Bitcoin going to zero

He's right. And that is also why China shut down the miners and suddenly Gold that they always knew was there, was suddenly unearthed.

He may say he could not afford to short bitcoin, but he can definitely bet against it and profit, without doing a short.

The reason is, I believe, he understands what the major players are doing by Naked Short Selling Bitcoin, creating phantom chains and buying bitcoin and ethereum for $0 while selling them for cash.

The music has stopped in crypto because other major players were not allowed to profit on the way down and cannot get out of bitcoin and ethereum because no real buyer will pay "real money" while the major players are paying $0.

This means exchanges cannot clear big trades.

There is a stalemate.

A Day of Reckoning is due for crypto, just as it is due for every other system we have relied on in society.

Vanguard has been buying companies for $0.

There is NO MARKET.

So how do you buy and sell for goods and services without a market?

A: the system grinds to a halt

No currency has any value in trade.

We are seeing the last vestiges of retail sales.

I *so* want to be wrong.

But i don't think so.

It does not mean it *should* happen, it just means someone is doing this on purpose.

I am not an investment advisor and I do not play one on TV.