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'Don't Ask Me Why:' NYC Releases Video About What to Do in Case of Nuclear War

•, By Matthew Gault

New York City's latest public service announcement is all about how to survive nuclear war. It opens in a 3D rendering of a street filled with brownstones. There's some rubble and the distant sounds of sirens. The sky is clear. "So there's been a nuclear attack," a woman says as she strides into the scene. "Don't ask me how or why, just know that the big one has hit."

The PSA's advice, as far as advice on how to survive a nuke goes, isn't bad. It keeps to three points. 

1. Get inside as quickly as possible. 

2. Stay inside, preferably in a basement, but as close to the middle of the building as possible.

3. Stay tuned to official channels on TV and social media and be sure to sign up for Notify NYC so you know when it's safe to go outside.

This is, largely, the same advice I gave when I researched the topic back in 2020. If you're outside during the initial blast, it's best to take a shower with soap, water, and shampoo when you get inside. NYC mentioned this in its PSA. Critically though, do not use conditioners. The chemicals in the conditioner can actually bind to radioactive material and keep it in your hair.