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Another Culling?

• Eric Peters Autos

None of the above are sold anymore.

Why did this great culling occur? Probably for some of the same reasons another is probably about to happen.

Plus one more.

There was a financial crash in '07 that led to a secondary crash – in car-buying. The Big Three – which by then had lost about a third of their total market share vs. what it had been in the '90s – went bankrupt, having too many cars that cost too much to make and market to a declining market. Then they went hat in hand to the federal government, which put its hands in the American taxpayer's pockets, to mulct the funds used to "bail out" the failing Bigs, especially GM.

As part of the subsequent reorganization, brands that had once been "full-line" divisions – the term means what it sounds like means; i.e., each sold a full line of models within the brand, in effect operating as an entire car company, in and of itself – were simply cancelled outright.